Will the Varanasi Battle Decide Outcome of LS Polls?

The holy city on the banks of the Ganges is all set to be the cynosure of all eyes, with Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal making his intentions clear that defeating Modi from Varanasi is his main target. The former Delhi Chief Minister said the move was not a ‘symbolic gesture’ but was aimed at defeating the BJP prime ministerial candidate.

Fight in Varanasi will be for the Country: Kejriwal

Varanasi has always been BJP’s stronghold and the party will be hoping that Modi’s presence in the region will bolster their chances in the nearby constituencies/states. Uttar Pradesh (80), Bihar (40), Jharkhand (14) together constitute 134 seats, which is sure to play a pivotal role for BJP to achieve its 272+ target in the coming LS polls. Earlier, Rajnath Singh had said Modi’s influence and his ability to galvanise the cadre in the region will be one of the key factors for BJP in the polls.

(click on the constituency for details)

Another possible contestant is Mukhtar Ansari from Quami Ekta Dal. In 2009, the leader gave Murli Manohar Joshi a scare by finishing second, securing 1,85,882 votes, roughly 28% of the total. If Ansari manages to polarise Muslims in his favour, it will definitely eat into Modi’s votes. Quami Ekta Dal has made it clear that it will support any party/candidate who is strong enough to rival Modi.

90 kms above Varanasi, lies Azamgarh (see map), a seat that will see Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh contesting in the LS polls, a clear sign that BJP has rattled the existing political order in the state. Azamgarh, apart from its proximity to Varanasi, also supported SP in last Assembly elections in 2012, helping the party win most of the seats in the district. The district has a sizeable number of Muslim and Yadav population. Will SP, with its perceived pro-Muslim image, by contesting in the neighborhood constituency be able to control the apparent ‘Modi wave’ in the state?

Incidentally, both Mulayam and Modi are expected to contest in two constituencies. Apart from Azamgarh, the SP supremo will contest from Mainpuri, which is a SP stronghold and the party is expected to win it. Modi is expected to contest from his home turf Vadodara as well.

Now, all eyes are on Congress, which is yet to reveal its candidate for the constituency.

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  • BashesharBhanot

    arvind kejriwal shows his arrogance to the world. He knows full well that he is no match to Mr Narendra Modi whose name has sent waves and waves in this temple town for his grand victory . Jai jai Modi ghar ghar modi is the slogan of the varanasi people.

    • BMM

      Just wait till the election results. The People Power will reveal the truth. No amount of lying and projecting him the savior would work.

      • Fakeriwal

        Then you will eat crow?

        • indian

          feku modi

          • Fakeriwal

            Poor crows! CIA sponsored jehadi supporters are whining. AK will flee to pakistan on may 16th

          • BMM

            This is the problem with Modi and You. My way or highway. He demolished all the BJP leaders like Keshubhai etc in Gujarat and now doing the same in Delhi with Advani , Murli Manohar Joshi , Jaswant Singh , susma swaraj. He will eat all the senior leaders of BJP. It will be only Modi and as you said others have to flee to Pakistan including senior BJP leaders for their life.

          • jopiniona

            And when has AK been democratic? Majority of the founders of AAP have left in disgust. It is a one-man show… or actually a 3-men show. AK, YY and PB decide everything.

          • haiwoihaiwoi .

            I sincerely like your thoughts. You are right. Modi is a titan made of steel. It is surprising that there is none to match him on the Indian Horizons. Yes India needs a Titan and Mr. Modi is the answer.

          • Al Khan

            Fuckerwal play the religious card that’s the only one left for you guys

        • Eternally in opposition

          AK-49 will become somethign liek AK-9…p erhaps the AAP party will win atleast 9 seats to make an entry into national politics. If delhi polls come sooner then AAP will finish a good second ot BJP so tht they can be callded the MAIN OPPOSITION PARTY somewhere….
          They are good in street agitation and dharna’s. It will come handy only when you are in oppostion…. the eternally opposing indian…

      • Garvi Gujarat

        Agree completely, Say no to helicopter democracy, people power will triumph..

    • janarddan

      That’s what fools think. But majority of Indian voters are not fools. Modi also knows this, although many of his foolish followers don’t. That is why he is also contesting from Vadodra.

      • Singh

        That is NOT the main reason.
        The sitting or ruling party is clever enough to manipulate the voting machine, the counting process etc etc.
        Contesting from two places reduce this to a certain extend.
        In many countries independent observers are in charge which is missing in India.

  • saveindia

    varanasi i turning out to be a political akhara.
    but definitely it will be a close match.

  • suresh pataskar

    If he is sincere in politics he would have proved his metal in Delhi, rather than aspiring and spoiling national scene. He will not be successful as expected because people knew his true colours.

  • nvks

    Varanasi has become the cynosure of all the parties in the forthcoming elections. Remains to be seen who finally makes it.there. However what is indisputable is that practically all the political parties of the state like BSP, SP, Congress etc who ruled over UP & Varanasi all these decades simply did not bother to spare some time & money for constructing railings along with smooth walking ramps at the difft. bathing ghats along the banks of the river at Varanasi. How & why this vital necessity for tens of thousands of aged frail male/female pilgrims visiting Varanasi daily from all over India escaped the attention of the authorities, the leading political parties there all these decades? Many of these aged pilgrims have various typesof ortho pains incldg, knee joint pains and find it very arduous, strainful, very painful to climb all the steps way up at these Varanasi ghats, after taking baths there daily. Many spend nine days also there as per their religious trust, belief etc. High time that (i) some political party or authorities or PSUs or some leading mega corporate house take the initiative and arrange to make these ramps along with smooth railings on all these Varanasi ghats on priority basis(ii) the Kashi Vishwanathji temple authorities also ought to make a separate short cut special entry gate/route for senior citizens aged 65 Yrs & above & PH category persons at the earliest (iii) better maintenance cleanings are done inside the temple premises (iv) there should be more wider passageway in the very narrow approach lane for the thousands of pilgrms in the Q near the temple if the present longish rows of shops selling milk, flowers etc on either side are removed and relocated outside on the main road (v) more reasonably priced accommodation rooms are developed at Varanasi at the very earliest.

  • Ramachandran Athiballi

    Varanasi Loksabha seat is not going to decide which is party is going to form the government at the centre but it is going to decide the prime minister. However one may wish the election to be otherwise, it is clear as the day that BJP is the front runner way ahead of others. Kejrival is a mule and no chance of running with a Derby horse. He may blare whine bark howl and do all sort of monkey tricks which he did in his fortnight as CM of Delhi. He is going to be forgotten after the ides of May. The lotus will bloom in all it’s glory and splendour.

  • Joe Pandit

    Even if Modi loses in Varanasi, which is probable, BJP will still win the election. Only question will then be if Mody would
    be PM??

  • BashesharBhanot

    nvks has given the right analysis. why the congress, S.P., BSP, never did any development work in the Hindu holy city of Varanasi (Benaras) because all these three parties are anti-Hindu, so called secular, always trying to chase the Muslim minority vote, hence must be kicked out of the political scene of India. thanks.

  • Prabhakara Sastry

    Mr Modi will win handsdown in Varanasi . His victory will impact in a big way other adjoining seats. BJP will get between 45-50 seats this time and BJP+ will have working Majority. Congress inspite of protating at the feet of abdullah Bhukari can not and will not get 100 seats all over India. For the crime they have committed in AP for another 15 yeras they need not think of contesting in AP. Far from atoning for the scams that took place under their nose, PM has tried his best to destroy the offices of CAG,CBI and even SC. Such a party needs to be thrashed at the hustings. Take the case of Shinde who has nisused his HM to attack MPS in LS while monitoring the AP bifurcation bill. It all concluded in less than 20 minutes. Should not the people who gave 333 MPS in 2009 teach a bifitting slap omn the face of Congress,Particularly Sonia and her co-hearts.

    • Singh

      The BAD people and the UGLY one will fight it out and a split in the Congress is most likely.
      The GOOD one left the party already for several reasons.

  • Surya Prakasam Prabhala

    Even if Kejriwal is asked to head a new coalition at the centre I am sure president of India has to be ready for a new swearing ceremony, even before all the invitees manage to reach their homes.

  • shreeramachandran

    As seen, the UP muslims poor in education do not appear to have decision making power of their own. They appear to be led away by the religious heads who take hefty bribe from political parties to show direction for the herd of followers. It is only the political parties who noisily drum up the hate campaigns. If money offered is sizable, Mulayam will vote for BJP and also ask all the party members to do so . that is the character we have.

  • RS Vatsan

    Before becoming politician his main agenda was CORRUPTION which is mainly done by the RULING CONGI party for last 10 years.After strating AAP and then sitting in marriage with CONGI in Delhi now his main aim is defeating Modi. What an ACTOR,he is prepared to say ANYTHING for MONEY now,a JOKER politician at BEST,dump him is the only alternative…

    • S.N.Iyer

      How can one b e ignorant of the corruption in the States run by the BJP? The cases at the Centre are at least being heard in the Courts while the BJP are avoiding even the cases from being heard. There is a case against one BJP candidate pending from the time he was a Minister in the NDA Govt!! There is a candidate who was close to Nira Radia and even gave her a license for an airline which never came through. Another licence given to a BJP party worker also ran into losses and had to be sold. Followed by two other Companies by the same person which have also run into loses and are defunct!!

  • Ram A

    Does anyone know Kejriwal in Varanasi?
    He seems to have received lot of funding from USA and CIA.
    Kejriwal’s record – Delhi CM for 49days and left the job and Delhi in Quandary..
    Modi’s record – Gujarat CM for 12+ years….Vibrant economy.
    now go figure who’ll defeat whom!!

  • Ram A

    Who in the right state of mind would vote for this idiot Kekriwala.
    Oh well it’s very clear that he is a proxy of Sonia.

  • S.N.Iyer

    The Election rules should forbid anyone from contesting from two constituencies. This amendment should recognise that one candidate cannot be resident at the same time in two places.

  • S.N.Iyer

    Whether Kejriwal wins or loses, the AAP party has to revamp itself in the next few years with sound policies and strong leadership. We need this change very badly to fight all the parties who are corrupt.

  • Dr.Brij Mohan Sharma

    India is still in the clutches of caste, language, regional touch, and even faiths and really India freedom from such groups and their visible/invisible clutches; still first of all I fail to understand why Mr. A.Kejriwal, Mr. Narendra Modi are contesting from Varansi; though as per constitution one can contest; so i approve; but i fail to understand. I fail to understand that Election Commission is clearly reading the news items who is going to influence fair voting; but why no action has been taken against such persons. Elections must be fair and other than candidates why methods are used to influence group votings. I am sure all EDUCATED VOTERS OF VARANSI shall vote as per their DECISIONS WHAT THEY CONSIDER BEST; AND SHALL NOT GET INFLUENCED BY SO CALLED INFLUENCERS WHOSE IMPLICIT REFERENCES ARE IN THIS NEWS ITEM. DEAR VOTERS VOTE AS PER YOUR BEST WISDOM WHAT YOU CONSIDER BEST FOR VARANSI AND INDIA. WHOEVER WINS HE MUST SERVE VARANSI AND INDIA. Thats it. Who ever loses; Others should not POISON THE MINDS AND OTHERS SHOULD NOT WASTE TIME AND ENERGIES ON MEDIA. THOSE WHO LOSE THEY MUST ALSO SERVE THE INTERESTS OF VARANSI. THOSE WHO ARE CONTESTING FROM VARANSI IN MY VIEW HE OR SHE SHOULD HAVE PERMANENT OFFICE – LOSERS AS WELL AS WINNERS FOR NEXT FIVE YEARS. DEAR VARANSI VOTERS ASK THESE CONTESTANTS WHETHER WIN OR LOOSE THEY SHALL BE IN THEIR OFFICES FOR NEXT FIVE YEARS; TAKE SUCH COMMITMENTS.

    • Anis

      You have not got the basis on which this election is being viewed as positive for Modi. Hindus are being, through word of mouth, advised and informed that they remember they are Hindus and therefore vote for Hindu party that is BJP. Amit Shah has been installed just to ensure that this propaganda gets a full round without fail into every Hindu ear. Once this is passed, the magic will work. What will happen to the country is inconsequential. After all Muslims are to be completely downgraded to a low class citizen. Therefore, your assumption that it is in the interest of Varanasi that the candidates have come is misplaced. The targeted intention is way different and is most dangerous for the country. Let us do everything to save the situation from getting out of hand. The sounds made by Kejriwal are just a shot in the right direction.

  • Mo

    Aam Admi Party Sazia advocates Muslims to be Communal.


  • Shiju Vattapara

    Wherever BJP wins a seat,there is a need for urgent developments in the education system and a need to educate the people about what good things are happening outside their world!!!!

  • Phani Hunt

    minority appeasement is a biggest problem in India. I can only think of Putin/Modi, putin is in Russia and we have only Modi left and he is the only one that i can count to put India first.

    Now that we have Bombay as Mumbai, Bangalore as bengaluru, culcatt as kolkatta how long would it take for us to mention INIDA as BHARATH??

  • Bishan Raj Upadhyaya

    All effort is to subjugate nationalists ie Hindus for ulterior motives by anti nationalists n thereby to keep them financially,physically-individually n nationally-feeble

  • Mo

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