Why Anna-Didi Alliance Stands on Shaky Ground?

Anna Hazare with Mamata BanerjeeAnna Hazare snubbed his one-time protégé Arvind Kejriwal by declaring his support to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in the upcoming LS polls. Anna said he backed Banerjee’s vision for the society and country, which was the main reason for his support.

But hours after announcing his support to Banerjee, the social activist made it clear that his backing is not to any party but only to an individual.

He added that Banerjee was the only Chief Minister who had replied positively to his 17-point charter of demands, and even Arvind Kejriwal didn’t respond to it.  He also took a dig at the former Delhi CM for accepting government accommodation during his tenure.

Among other issues in the 17-point agenda of Hazare are land acquisition, FDI in retail, judicial accountability bill and bringing back black money.

Anna’s U-turn

In the wake of the split post-Lokpal movement, Anna was staunchly against joining or associating himself with any party. He went on to say that he will not campaign or join any party or group.

Here’s a tweet from Kejriwal that came after Anna’s opposition to forming political party:

However, on Wednesday, when questioned about his jump into electoral politics, he replied that he has affiliated himself with TMC for the upcoming election as the “country is looking for a change”. He also pledged his support by saying he will campaign for ‘clean’ candidates fielded by TMC.

TMC to Contest Lok Sabha Elections Across the Country

In an interview to CNN-IBN, Banerjee made it clear that her party will field candidates across the country. She said: “Trinamool Congress will contest throughout the country. Anna Hazare will decide candidates in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.”

On asked whether she sees herself as a prime ministerial candidate, she said that she would like to take part at the Centre but it will be decided by Anna and her party.

Mamata, who had openly criticised Anna during the Lokpal Movement, even touched Anna’s feet when the two met in Delhi at the Trinamool Headquarters.

Despite Banerjee’s statement that her priorities remain with Bengal, she has often given mixed signals on her role at national level.

While Anna will hope to use Mamata’s seat share to voice his anti-graft measures, Banerjee will try to make the most out of the prevalent anti-incumbency mood through Anna’s profile. Given their past, the relationship stands on shaky ground but will the symbiosis work this time? Comment below.

  • pandakaradi

    agree!!! you get cheated once, blame the cheater. you get cheated twice, blame yourself :-)

  • gajakonda

    How this man can sing praises of the Shame of The Nation, Sorrow of bengal, Misery of Bengal is beyond comprehension…

  • prashant

    Anna is dead wrong .This Bengal politician is just local leader and has no nationalistic view ang she is simply tunnel vision person and anna failed to judge real her. In fact mamta is not even good leader at all. and we as Indian dont need third-spoiler party. MODI HAS NO SON OR DAUGHTER LIKE MOST OTHERS FAMILY SELFISH POLITICIANS, SO THIS TIME DRIVE ALL CORRUPTED CONGRESSES ooooooo oUT AND DUMP THEM all. AND GIVE CLEAR MAJORITY TO MODI AND PARTY. thing is bad now we need clear change and good new constitution with 2/3 majority.