Saving the Best For the Last?


Sensing a debacle in the upcoming polls, Congress is leaving no stone unturned to salvage whatever they can ahead of the LS polls. With 120 million new voters in the fray, it is targeting the youth through its time-tested marketing strategy of segmentation. The party alone accounts for 70% of the total election publicity spending of all parties, at Rs 700 crores. Shunning political niceties, the party is looking to field more young candidates in the LS polls.

In states like Odisha, West Bengal, Haryana and Kerala, the party is installing ‘tough’ young guns.

‘Women Empowerment’

Vice-president Rahul Gandhi has been vociferous than ever before. Women empowerment seems to be the party’s key election propaganda. Gandhi made it clear that the party wants to bring more women forward in the election process.

He said: “We want to use your strength in the progress of this country. We want to open doors for women, doors of schools, hospitals and Parliament, as without you, there is no progress.” He also went on to say that the opposition party does not respect women and their ‘ideological sangathan’ doesn’t have a place for them.

In a similar vein, Sonia Gandhi, who was in Kerala for a state-level Congress convention, launched a scathing attack on BJP, calling its ideology ‘irrelevant’. She urged party workers to gear up for a ‘grim’ electoral battle and said her party stood for ideals like secularism, unity in diversity and democratic polity.

Congress has its work cut out. It has numerous factors working against it and the ongoing Telangana issue is sure to bugbear ahead of the LS polls.

  • Anuj Dhaka

    Rahul Gandhi is one of the best politician of the current time. He has plans and policies on which he is working. All he needs is a chance.We are about to see his best in the coming days.

    • Indian

      Rahul is HISTORY! Screw the party!

    • Calvin

      I agree with you Mr. Anuj – Rahul is a brilliant, qualified and well focused person to hold the post of PM. Only paid media supported by Modi and his supporters using such a wrong / bad languages against him. I support Mr. Rahul Gandhi for PM in 2014.

    • Lal

      For Rahul, woman empowerment means empowering Sonia and Priyanka for more looting.

      Seeing the comments, here it seems Rahul is spending a lot for praisng him.

    • rajan


    • choday

      Ask Rahul, why he was arrested in September 2001 at the Boston’s Logan Airport with $160,000 of US currency along with his girl friend (the daughter of the Columbian DRUG LORD). He was released after the intervention of the Indian Prime Minister and why his family seek PM’s help via D.Mishra, National Security Advisor of the PM ( a family friend of Gandhi). How he could get that amount of US currency? Did he get Reserve bank permission? I have to get Reserve Approval for getting $400 permit when I came to USA which I have to return in 12 months. Also. why he was kicked out from Harvard out after the first semester (due to poor grades). He was admitted at the Harvard University on a DONATION QUOTA but not on merit, after donation of 11 million by HINDUJAS. He did not have MPHIL from Harvard as he told Indian Election Commission, but only got BA from Roland college, a small Christian College near Orlando, Florida. This guy is not fit for a small village Panchaiti Prsesident. .

  • Anuj Dhaka

    I think Rahul is a role model. He can deliver brilliantly . He in the past has done some amazing work. His efforts can be really handy.

    • Rupesh Pegwar

      Yes, he is a role model for young people. He has really done amazing work in the social sector.

      • Indian

        He is a LOSER! India for the first time will be FREE of the TRAITORs. Nehru Khan’s family gone forever! YES!!

    • Indian

      Mr Anuj Dhaka,Can you please let us know what amazing work Mr. Rahul has done…other than giving TALL Speaches…?.Trust can be obtained from people if you do something Good for the people.I think he hasn’t done anything as yet.So,Please do blindly do pooja to him.See the facts and Talk.Thanks

  • Anuj Dhaka

    With women taking initiatives and working at the top level, they can produce magical things for India. It is good to give them chance. Congress can provide women a platform. Rahul has been working restlessly.

    • Santana

      Why wasn’t the Women reservation bill passed ????

  • Anuj Dhaka

    It is congress that can help people and empower them. Congress provided job opportunities, it minimized poverty and empowered women. So now , i can say that congress can be trusted because i haven’t seen any other party taking initiatives, especially for the women.

    • Indian

      Good Joke! Next!

  • Tarun Aggarwal

    I have seen congress taking courageous steps.It empowered women. We have seen wherever women are being empowered and given a chance, those states are progressing rapidly.

    • Tasfia Hossain

      Hmm..well said. Congress took courageous steps for women empowerment. And to add on, Rahul Gandhi is only taking the Congress’s plans and policies forward in a positive way

  • Tarun Aggarwal

    I always believed women can do much better work than men. Congress not only empowered women but it injected zeal in men to do better work than women.

  • Tasfia Hossain

    Rahul Gandhi has always believed in the power of the women. He is taking good initiatives for empowering women and is emerging as a leader of tomorrow

  • Bejoy Das

    The way Rahul Gandhi has taken politics in stride, he is sure to yield some great results. He is moving in the right direction for the betterment of India

    • Indian

      Very funny! How much did his mom pay you?

  • Bejoy Das

    Rahul Gandhi is a leader of a different league. He has the passion to work for the people. Rahul Gandhi respects women and feels for women empowerment and that’s why he is emphasizing so much on this issue

  • Rupesh Pegwar

    Rahul Gandhi is one of those few leaders who is not motivated towards personal well being. He genuinely feels for the people and works for the people

    • Indian

      Pity you! Actually DAMN you! Because of folks like you we have let a F’in family LOOT our country dry!

  • Nyaywadhi

    I can see the effect of 500 crore make over fund in these comments.

  • Anand Apexa

    The only blame they need to own is they being scared to take action for most of time .. YSR was absolute corrupt in the world. he was allowed to loot and loot and thus Jagan the demon was born.. DMK another looter whom congress was scared to take action .. kalmadi was another fool (congress solely to blame, the anger of people when he was made to return) and of course 2g and coal scam.. . congress should have cleaned up long time back but Rahul seems a nice guy and so is Sonia . they shunned the power when they could if they want.. and that alone gets my votes .. What better can BJP do.. during NDA time ..we had Babu the biggest evil looter, we had bellary brothers close to bjp strangely even closer to YSR of congress.. So If congress comes with stand on corruption I would not mind giving them a chance .. then Modi who will be threat to nation and he may make all indians debt ridden by taking massive loans from world bank…

  • I.N.D.I.A.N

    Arae first bring you brother-in-law to book !! he has stolen so much in land scams. Then talk about others Mr.pappu gandhi.

  • vinoth

    funny comments by some paid stooges of congress clan …ragul gandhi does not know how to write even a letter … claims veteran lawyer jethmalani .. there are proof to show that he is in education .. he is a dropout from harvard (being expelled for very poor results ).. whenever he speaks everybody around laughs except congressiwallahs … his comments like .. india is a beehive (when compared with china ) at CII meet .. Ranikae Jhansi (instead of Jhansi ki rani ) in punjab he says 10 out of 7 youths was a drug addict .. he speaks dalits need jupiter’s escape velocity to lift them up.. wat ever he speaks are not his words .. that makes fun.. he says poverty is state of mind.. power is poison .. but his family is ruling india for 60 years making it poor inefficient corrupt wear economically and militarily .. … so dont addup more funny things .. make me laugh uncontrollably .. educated youths are aware of their family’s nefarious works …

  • Indian Citizen

    Rahul creating stunts like AAP. On the one hand, anti graft bill and yet again he was spectator (or more than..) to the massive looting of the country under various scams to 2G, Coalgate, Chopper deal etc. People have seen lots of these from his mother and the citizens will never forget this stunt family