INS Vikramaditya: Indian Ocean’s new guard

INS Vikramaditya

INS Vikramaditya
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INS Vikramaditya at an impressive ceremony at sub zero temperature in the wind- swept Sevmash Shipyard in the beautiful city of Severodvinsk in Russia.

  • An Aski Hindustani

    Welcome INS Vikramaditya.Better late than never.

  • vishnusharma

    INS Vikramaditya will be used to enforce a tight ring around the city of Karachi from the sea and in this way the fate of that cursed city will be sealed. 50% of the INDIAN naval strength is sufficient to enforce this blockade and constant bombardment from the sea.

    Three Indias motorized and mechanized armies totaling 3 million troops will converge on the city from the North, But we will not make the mistake of entering it. This city will be constantly bombed and pounded in a relentless manner, We will destroy all water supply and electrical units with pin point precision, Bazaars, Markets and Godowns and food stockpiles will be systematically destroyed. Not one building will be left standing in the whole city and we will starve this entire people using the most brutal methods. 20 million people will be brutally starved to death.

    Not a day will go by without multiple rocket and howitzer batteries of our armies shelling the city from all directions. We will reduce this city to rubble.

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