AAP To Field Udayakumar in LS Polls?

udayakumar_PTIPeople’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) activist Udayakumar might be the next high-profile AAP candidate to contest the Lok Sabha polls. The anti-nuclear activist is all set to contest the polls from his home constituency Kanyakumari.

PMANE’s other activists MP Jesuraj and M Pushparayan are expected to contest from Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi constituencies.

Earlier, in an exclusive interview to the Express, Udayakumar said that he had submitted a five-point charter to the AAP, including that its local unit must be baptised in Tamil to strike a chord with the masses.

“Using a name like ‘Saadharana Makkal Katchi’ (Common Man’s Party) with the suffix AAP would help us,” he said.

The PMANE leader also wants the AAP leadership to pronounce its stand on nuclear energy and the Eelam.

On February 14, the nuclear activist posted a message on Facebook, in which he said that he doesn’t have the money power or the political clout to win electoral battles, but he felt that it’s the only way to protect public interest.

Finding AAP as the only fit party, he said is prepared to change his mind if leaders of other parties could be lined up to fight for the Tamil people.

  • Satyameva Jayate

    THIS MAN UDAYA KUMA IS ONLY AFTER PUBLICITY. If he really had a cause to fight WHY HE DID NOT PUT UP HIS COUNTER ARGUMENTS & CONVINCE THE SUPREME COURT TO SHUT DOWN THE NUCLEAR PLANT WHEN THE CASE WAS TAKEN UP BY SC ? OR this man is going by myth ie. “Nuclear energy is Dangerous” as it is generally mixed up with nuclear bomb. The technology for the two are different. A Nuclear scientist has clearly explained all this in a daily. Energy genertaed from alternate sources is too meagre to meet India’s energy demand. We have farmers crying for electric power for their pumpsets and what answer this man Udayakumar has for them. YES, UDAYA KUMAR IS FIT TO JOIN AAP – A PARTY OF AGITATIONISTS, LEFTISTS and UNPATRIOTS, WITHOUT ANY COMMITMENT & RESPONSIBILITY. KKNP IS NOT JUST FEEDING TN BUT OTHER STATES ALSO. SO THIS SELFISH MAN HAS HARMED THE INTEREST OF COMMON MAN IN TN & IN OTHER STATES. PEOPLE OF TN SHOULD TEACH HIM A LESSON IN THE ELECTION.

  • Indian

    Udhayakumar will get maximum of number of votes. He has the qualification to become PM also. The syle of functioning of AAP is now well known to all.